Single clip edit and post $10

Single clip edit and post with mailed CD

Complete 2-3 hour show record, edit, post with show DVD master


Video Services

Why do you need videos?

You have worked for years to perfect your performance skills and now you are in a show.  The audience has enjoyed your performance but then, unless it was recorded it will only be a memory.  If a good video recording is made you can share the performance with the world and use it to advertise your capabilities to get future work.

YouTube has millions of clips of performances from all over the world.  Unfortunately the great majority are of poor quality.  To produce a video worth watching and that properly showcases your work takes much more than pointing a video camera at the action and posting the resulting clip.

How can we meet your needs?

Wild Dog Road Photography has developed an extremely economical program for producing the recordings you need.

As video equipment and software have simultaneously improved in performance and  dropped in cost we have added video to our capabilities to more completely meet our goal of allowing web viewers to experience (or re-experience) events as if they were there.

We generally have two or three HiDef cameras running throughout the event.  One camera captures a continuous wide angle record of the event.  The second camera actively follows the action including zooming in or out as it changes. The third camera can rove around catching special angles of view.  Having these multiple video channels allow for creative editing.

It has been said that good video is 2/3 good sound.  You can watch fairly rough video but if the sound track is bad most people won't continue to watch.  We use a high quality 4 channel digital audio recorder to simultaneously record the sound from your audio board and ambient sound to get crowd reaction.  We also can use a shotgun mic on one of the cameras to capture dialog that is not included in the sound system. 

Having two or three video tracks and up to 10 audio tracks isn't something that can be effectively edited using iMovie or Windows Movie Maker.  These projects require a professional editing suite.  We use Adobe's Premier Pro CS5 suite of video products.


The above is just words until you the work we have produced.  This page shows some examples.