Madrid New Mexico 2004   

Welcome to the Madrid 2004 photo CD.  This is is a personal gift to the wonderful community of Madrid.  It documents the events, scenery and businesses seen this year as well as events in the region easily attended from Madrid.  It is made up mostly of  photographs taken using my two digital cameras.  

I have provided several ways to explore the contents of this CD.  First a calendar allows identifying events and other subjects by date.  If there is a picture on that date then photos are present.  Click on the thumbnail it to go to the index page with that picture on it. .Pages of thumbnails for Madrid Events, Regional Events, Madrid Businesses and Scenery and Weather allow you to identify items you may be interested in.  A virtual tour of Madrid shows strips of pictures of Rt. 14 from South of town to the schoolhouse.  Finally subject tables including all 1800+ images allows searching by date, or keywords such as subject name.  Don't forget to scroll down as many pages are taller than the screen.  Finally you can always use the back and forward buttons on your browser.

Each image has its own page.  On the left are links that allow you to navigate between related images and subjects.  The pictures are formatted 600 pixels high so they are fully seen on a 1024X768 pixel XGA screen.  You can, however click on the image itself to display it in higher resolution.  You can then use your slider bars to examine details of the photo.  Most of the images are stored on this disk as 1280X853 JPG's while the originals are 3072X2048 or 2048X1536.  Now just choose one of the links below to start your viewing.  

Madrid Events  Region Events Scenery
Madrid Businesses Region Businesses Weather
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Bruce McIntosh and Taka
Copyright 2004-5 Bruce McIntosh - Wild Dog Road Photography Your Author - and Taka

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