Technical  Information   

The images by the author in this collection were all made using two digital cameras.  

The photos with names starting with IMG_ were made with a Canon EOS-10D.  This interchangeable lens SLR has a 22.7mm 6.3megapixel CMOS sensor.  The lenses used were a Tamron F/3.5-5.6  28-300mm aspheric zoom (45-480mm effective focal length) a Canon F/2.8-4 20-80mm L series zoom (45-105mm effective focal length) and a Canon F/1.8 50mm prime lens (effective focal length 80mm).

The photos starting with P were taken with an Olympus 3040Zoom with a built in 7.1 to 21.3mm F/1.8-2.6 lens.  With the 8mm CCD sensor the effective zoom range is 35 to 105mm in 35mm terms.

Flash was the weak link in this project.  Each camera has a small built in flash which is relatively weak at distance.  Other flash photos were taken with an old Vivitar Zoom flash.  That unit appears to have an unreliable sensor resulting in quite a number of overexposed or underexposed images.

Organization of the photos was done with Adobe Photoshop Album 2.  Editing of the photos was done with Photoshop Album and Paint Shop Pro 8.  The HTML documents were created with Microsoft Front Page 2000 with the help of several custom Pascal programs that generated the individual image pages.

If you would like prints of any of the images or full resolution digital files please contact me for information at