Madrid has a very rich and interesting entertainment scene. I tried to attend as many of the events here as possible to record them. Look through to see what you missed last year that you may want to catch this year.

You will probably note the emphasis on Belly Dancing. This art is very popular here in town. The number of images is due to the fact that I am doing a separate project for the Belly Dancers group that meets at the Mine Shaft.

CanaryFashion Dragonfly-Opening BellyDancing-4-27
BellyDancing-5-04 BellyDancing-5-11 GypsyFestival
MusicAtMineShaft-6-18 BellyDancing-6-22 TalkingBridge6-24
FourthOfJulyParade-7-04 FourthOfJulyParty-7-4 MusicAtMineShaft-8-21
MusicAtTalkingBridge-8-23 DragonflyPeaceMeeting MusicAtTalkingBridge9-11
HeSheBang-8-24 Cliff&EdeAppreciation-10-29 HalloweenAtMineshaft-10-30
DayOfTheDead-10-31 DragonflyClosing-11-06 MusicAtMineshaft11-14
HighRoadToMadrid BellydancingMineShaft11-23 MadridChristmasParade
BellyDancingTalkingBridge MusicAtMineshaft12-12 ChristmasOpenHouse
MusicAtTalkingBridge12-18 MusicAtMineshaft12-26 Kaylynn