For a community of about 400 citizens we have an incredibly rich business environment. The majority of the businesses sell art thus making Madrid a tourist destination for art lovers from all over the world. Most of he other businesses provide services such as food or entertainment that also help as a tourist venue.

I visited every business that I found open during November and December and was welcomed to take pictures in all. As is a historical trend in Madrid, several businesses will be closing soon while new businesses have recently opened.

CheapestSilver ChumaniGallery CoalMineMuseum
ColorAndLight ConleyStudio CowgirlRed
CrystalDragon EngineHouseTheater FuseGallery
GhostTownTradingPost GiftedHands Heaven
IndigoGallery JavaJunction JesabelStudio
JohnsonAndSwan JohnsonsOfMadrid LeedomStudio
MamaLisas MikeWright MisenkoBoldman
MostlyMadrid MineShaftTavern NativeGrill
North14Studio OldBoardingHouseMercantile OldWestPhotography
PaintedHorse Primitiva RangeWest
RedDoor RedRailcar SeaProperties
Seppanen&Daughters-Textiles SpiritinArt TalkingBridge
TapestryGallery WoodyCrumbo WoofyBubbles