I would like to acknowledge people who contributed to this project.  Most important my wife Nancy who put up with the disruption of my always having a camera wherever we went and clicking away like a madman.  She also created the text descriptions for most of the individual image groups.  

This year we were not able to attend the Halloween party, one of the visually most enjoyable events of the year.  Fortunately Lara Lynn Lane was there and took a great set of pictures that she graciously allowed to included.

Mel and Diana Johnson allowed me to scan pictures from their personal albums.  These pictures from the rebirth of the community are priceless.

Sky Fabin provided access to the stills taken during the production of his movie "Taking the High Road to Madrid".  Viewing that movie really allowed us to appreciate the experiences and goals of the hardy souls who resettled our community.

Finally I must acknowledge the support and encouragement I received from everyone I told about the project.  Madrid you are beautiful.  Please enjoy what we look like to a relative newcomer.

Though I have tried to be as accurate as possible there are undoubtedly errors in this work.  They are entirely my responsibility.  Please accept my apologies and let me know so I can correct them for future distributions.