Karin Brandi - Recent Paintings   

This document is provided to allow you to view recent paintings by Karin Brandi and to read her artist's statement.  Click any of the underlined words and they will take you to another page.  When you are at a painting page you can click on the painting to display it alone.  Clicking it again will expand it to the full resolution of the photo.

If you wish to see or purchase any of these paintings please come to the Little Hills Gallery in Cerrillos.  The gallery is open weekends and may be open other times, please contact Karin at 505-660-3475 for details.

Please note that though we have taken great care that the images here have the correct color, brightness and contrast each computer screen will change the way you see them.  Please come to the gallery to see them in person.

P.O. Box 574 Cerrillos, NM 87010

This material is provided only for you to evaluate Karin's work.  Copying any part of this document by any means is strictly prohibited.  The paintings are copyrighted by Karin Brandi.

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