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If you are an artist who wants to provide an high quality and inexpensive way to show your works to galleries or customers without having to carry around complete works or large prints then the portfolio CD's that I have developed may be right for you.  These CD's work as web documents so they can be explored using almost any computer with a browser.  While the screen on a standard computer has limited resolution we can include high resolution copies that can be blown up so that every brush stroke can be appreciated.  Please check out this large fractal image sample.

I can come to your studio, photograph your works and color correct the images with you.  Once we are happy with the images I will leave you a simple slide show copy on a CD.  A day or two later I will have the finished Portfolio disks ready to deliver.

After the cost of shoot and formatting, the disks cost only $5.00 in quantities of 5 or more.